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- So Laguerta’s going on and on, and… I’m dying inside. And all of the sudden I have one of those, those moments were everything sort of comes together.
- An epiphany.
- Exactly. And I realize that I have completely fucked myself into a corner.
- What would you have done differently? Ignored a grieving father? Kept the case closed that didn’t sit right with you?
- No. And fuck no.
- And I was trying to give you a compliment. You’ve grown so munch. You made the best out of a bade situation, because now you see… Everything isn’t always so black and white.
- Did you try the noodles? You have always blown at that.
- And you’re so good? Show me.
- It’s this finger, dumbass.
- Like this?
- Yeah
- Your hand’s shaking, what is it?
- This. One minute, everything’s perfect… And the next minute…
- The next minute what?
- You’re rushing off.
- Deb… I’m always with you. Right here.
- Oh fuck.

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- Quand tout va bien pour vous, ça doit être la manière qu’à l’bon Dieu d’vous dire de protéger vos miches.
- Mouais, l’image est belle.

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A baby? A motherfucking rolly-poly, chubby, cheeked, shit machine? Are you kidding me?

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- Tu ne crois en rien.
- Non, enfin si, en un ensemble de règles pour éviter de m’attirer des ennuis.
- Un ensemble de règles, t’es sérieux là ? Dex c’est le genre de trucs qu’on apprend à des pingouins.
- Et c’est mal ?

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