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Clerks II
Réalisé par
Kevin Smith
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Randal Graves : All right, look, there’s only one “Return”, okay, and it ain’t “of the King”, it’s “of the Jedi”.
Hobbit Lover : Oh, Star Wars geek.
Randal Graves : Oh, I’m the geek? Look at you two whipping out your preciouses.
Elias : You’ll have to excuse him, he’s not “down” with the trilogy.
Randal Graves : Oh, what the fuck happened to this world? There’s only one trilogy, you fucking morons.
Hobbit Lover : You know what, maybe we should start calling your friend Padme, because he loves Anakin Skywalker so much, right?
Hobbit Lover : [in robot voice]Danger danger, my name is Anakin. My shitty acting is ruining saga.
Elias : [chucking]Yea-Yeah, you’re crazy, Jar-Jar.
Randal Graves : Oh, I’m crazy? Those fuckin’ hobbit movies were boring as hell. All it was, was a bunch of people walking, three movies of people walking to a fucking volcano.

Clerks II.
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- C’est une saloperie de bible !
- Hé ! C’est une saloperie de sainte bible, ça mon gars !

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