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Répliques de Rose Leslie (8)

You’re mine, as I’m yours
And if we die, we die
But first we’ll live.

9.09 (210 votes)

You know nothing Jon Snow.

- What’s Swooning?
- Fainting?
- What’s Fainting?
- … When a girl sees blood and collapses.
- And why would a girl sees girl and collapse?
- Well… Not all girls are like you.
- All girls see more blood than boys. Do you like girls who swoons Jon Snow?… Oh! Oh a spider! Save me Jon Snow! My dress his made of the purest silk from tralalalalaledey!
- I’d like to see you in a silk dress…
- Would you?
- So I can tear it off you.

8.79 (48 votes)

- Ygritte you know I didn’t have the choice, you always know who I was, what I am. I have to go home now! I know you won’t hurt me…
- You know nothing Jon Snow.
- I do know something, I know i love you, I know you love me, I have to go home now.

8.7 (90 votes)

Tu ne sais rien Jon Snow.

- Is that a palace?
- It’s a windmill.
- Windmill… And who built it? Some King?
- Just a man who used to live here.
- It must has been a great builder to stucking stone so high.
- Winterfell has tours three times that size.
- Well I’m Jon Snow and I’m from Winterfell, my daddy was a fancy lord and I lived in a tour that touched the clouds!

8.6 (33 votes)

- Tu te rappelles cette caverne ? On aurai dû rester dans cette caverne.
- On y retournera.
- Tu sais vraiment rien, Jon Snow.

7.31 (16 votes)

Do you remember that cave? We should have stayed in that cave.

5.71 (4 votes)

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