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History is largely told as chronically of great people doing great things. But for most of us, life is not made up with big moments, it’s made up with small moments. And with every small choice, with every small decision we are defining ourselves, are we honest ? Are we faithful ? Are we proud of ourselves, or are we disappointed by who we’ve become ? Life rarely turns out the way that we plan. The unexpected happens, and it surprises us what new and exciting possibilities. But sooner or later, reality hits you in the face. My mother never imagine having to start over as a single mother with two grown kids. But when the unimaginable happen, she adapted it, she found strength, she moved on. And i hope when my life doesn’t go as i plan which is certainly won’t, i can handle myself with the same grace and strength that my mom has taught me. She may not be an Olympic athlete or a world leader, but my mom is definitely my hero.

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