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Répliques de Sweeney Todd (6)

La vie est faite pour les vivants.

8.77 (71 votes)

There’s a Hole Like a Great Black Pit
And It’s Filled With People Who Are Filled With Shit
And The Vermin Of The World Inhabit It.

8.33 (26 votes)

At last! My arm is complete again!

8.28 (19 votes)

Nous vivons une époque redoutable, Madame Lovett, des mesures redoutables s’imposent.

5.83 (14 votes)

- Benjamin Barker.
- Barker n’est plus. C’est Sweeney Todd et il tient sa vengeance.

5.45 (12 votes)

Tis your delight sir catching fire from one man to the next.

5 (12 votes)

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