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Tu ne sais pas ce que tu veux, Ally. Tu es tellement occupé à essayer d’être ce que tout le monde veut que tu sois que tu ne sais pas qui tu es.

8.91 (127 votes)

- The ideal girl. Tell me about her.
- You know, you can take her home to the family, she’s smart, but not smarter than you, and she bakes apple pies with your mom and plays catch with your handicapped sister, but then when you’re alone, she’s takes off her glasses and puts on a vinyl cat suit and fucks you sideways!
- That girl doesn’t exist? If she did, I’d be sleeping with her. And, what kind of guy care about how many people you’ve slept with anyway?
- Decent guys!

7.71 (25 votes)

- Where’s my coffee pot?
- I broke it. If you were on Twitter you’d know that already.

7.57 (27 votes)

- At least I have relationships. You can’t even hang out with a woman for 24 hours without sleeping with her.
- That was true until I met you.

7.56 (31 votes)

You don’t know what you want, Ally. You’re so busy trying to be what everyone else wants you to be, you don’t know who you are.

7.14 (18 votes)

- Guy in 4D tries to marry his dog.
- No, Bandit ?

6.67 (14 votes)

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